Thursday 30 November 2023

A Reflection ...

A recovered realization

David Parry, London

As a British poet, dramature and self-confessed Pagan (influenced by Quaker ideas), it has become my heartfelt belief that our human spirits will only flourish when a general sense of goodwill underpins each of our daily affairs. Without this fundamental fluid in our ethical atmosphere very little will either prosper, evolve, or progress, in World Culture. Indeed, it is time to morally mature as a species or our grandchildren will be forced to experience the grim and grinding limitations which doomed previous generations to mindless strife. To be crippled, as it were, by their own stunted potentials. Thereby allowing unresolved frustrations inside clan, individual, and nation, to endlessly repeat the same suicidal acts of warfare. So observed, planetary empathy seems to be the single key to this belated, but essential, expansion of consciousness. A recovered realization of our shared humanity holding the sole solution to these spiritual dislocations.

Sentiments such as these may surprise some of my readers, since I have openly spoken against so-called 'globalization' on innumerable occasions, as well as decried the often bewilderingly draconian attempts by United Nations 'peacekeeping' personnel to establish international security. Opinions I have loudly voiced at public demonstrations and political rallies throughout the years. And in all probability will continue to do so! Yet, while cherished, localized, characteristics make us unique, it is equally the case that treasured universal features bond us together as unified kin and recognizable family.

Hence, to my understanding, The Foundation for International Collaboration is a genuine attempt by likeminded people to move towards cultural progression. It is a creative instrument whereby solitary workers, NGOs, philanthropists, businessmen, scholars, financial institutions, voluntary societal systems, healers and ethical associations, consciously try to replace the often inherited machinery of coercion and violence with better alternatives. Their overall aim being to interact peacefully with one another in order to achieve a more harmonious, healthy, fair, and tolerant society. Intrinsically, this initiative intends to explore the vital processes leading to peace. Ask radical questions along the lines of 'what is peace'?

Before proceeding to closely examine those conditions best suited to achieve this golden goal. Perhaps it was with similar thoughts in mind that the Quaker, George Fox (1624-1691) fearlessly wrote, "Be patterns, be examples in all countries, places, islands, nations, wherever you go, so that your carriage and life may preach among all sorts of people, and to them. Then you will come to walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in every one."

Wise and highly-motivating words indeed, reminding us that through related insights by men and women from a wide range of backgrounds, each will contribute to the larger work of the FIC. All demonstrating, in their own turn, the universal benefits of non-aggression and protective human rights. That, in the final analysis, peace is peerless for all and its time has manifestly come.


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