Thursday 30 November 2023

A Reflection ...

Peace is possible, but ...

Douglas Myrick

In these as times, such as peace is crucially needed to guide humanity forward and beyond the Veil of animalistic fear.

Peace is possible, but understand that we wrestle with an ancient power that demands Masonic brother Pike's foretold contention be played out upon Syria et al. I wish it not.

Even now our nation is played upon by those who would foment insurrection against a sovereign and IMF-free nation. Let sense and sensibility reign through the fog of wistful transgression!

The Foundation for International Collaboration can become a light upon the stage of hungry, eager humanity, waiting for leadership and words of peace.

I say "Peace! Peace!" for peace is the answer.

Since the dawn of time earliest Humanity sought an advantage against its fellow creatures for survival; no longer is this warranted nor advantageous. It is time to begin the assuredly decades long pursuit of beating swords into plowshares.

If not now, when?
If not here, where?
Long has the United Kingdom led the world in the unifying principalities of peace and understanding.
There are those among us who would usurp the efforts of peace for the cheapest hire of military profiteering.
They have their reward.

Toward Light is the noblest pursuit of minions' mark; starkly shed is blood without a face.
Love is best given to those who hold it not; for those without do lose their Sovereign Grace.
A simple pandemonium ensues when forfeit passion's best does love embrace.

I am a child of the Cold War. I understand that the United States must always have the spectre of an '-ist' against which to fight, be it Communist, Terrorist, or Fascist. Such is still the lubricant that makes the dollar 'go round'. What peace if not Rotheschilde?

Yet, we can work much in our pursuits; that it may be said on Earth as in Heaven, that house built not of hands, Deus Meumque Jus [God and my moral rightness].

Let us try for peace, so mote it be, for such is a laudable and noble pursuit. If we should by uniform effort wrest from the hands of the Ancients and Antients that which is best and brightest for the world and the Billions of souls thereupon, we shall have met and fulfilled a calling better than that which brought us hence.


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