Wednesday 17 July 2024

A Reflection ...

The benefits of collaboration

Inessa Amber

The idea of collaboration is a really good one, but sometimes it is difficult for people and organisations to work out how to do it.

For example, maybe I have a product that I want to sell, but don't know who needs it in the market and finding them is difficult, even with the internet. Of course, some people don't have access to the internet and, even if they do, they may not be able to work out how to find things that easily.

This also applies to other things like exchanging ideas and information. I have my own network of people in one particular area and may not know what other people are interested in or want. If we can link networks together and exchange knowledge, then it will benefit everyone and enable us to achieve more.

We don't necessarily know what other people may be interested in. I have connections with the theatre and also with a company run by my friend. If we share knowledge and work together then people can see our links and then find things that are of interest. It's a bit like a big shop with everything on display and different people will be interested in different things and can select what they want - or maybe even see things that they didn't realise were available.

So, let's collaborate and put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together and make a bigger and brighter picture for us all to enjoy!

Inessa Amber is an Actress and Model and was born in Ukraine. She graduated from the Vinnitsa National Agricultural University as an Engineer and moved to London in 2002, in order to realize her ambitions and fulfill her dreams. You can find out more about Inessa on LinkedIn


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